J-1 Physician’s Visa Waiver Also called the “Conrad Waiver” or the Conrad 30 Program

Physicians interested in a medical career and permanent residency in the United States need to get a waiver or return to their country of origin for two years, before they can seek employment in the U.S.

There are four legal bases by which a Physician may request a waiver known as the “J1 Waiver”

  • All 50 states have 30 J-1 visa waivers per year for employment in a healthcare shortage area.
  • Unites States Federal agencies can file an H1B petition for a potential employee Physicians these agencies include the US Health and Human Services (HHS), Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), or Delta Regional Authority (DRA). The J1 waiver can only be applied for after the employer files an H-1B petition.
  • A Persecution Waiver is a remedy if a J-1 physician argues that he or she will be persecuted based on his/her race, religion, or political affiliation if he/she were to return to his/her home country.
  • An Exceptional Hardship Waiver, is available if a J-1 physician can prove that his departure from the United States would cause exceptional hardship to the U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident spouse or child.

We looking to help healthcare professionals who may qualify for H-1B status and to assist American employers in processing various healthcare related visas and discuss requirements or known challenges during the application process.

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