Deferred Action Program

The President of the United States Barack Obama decreed that illegal immigrants who came here as children could stay without fear of deportation, if the following conditions are met: They've been in the country for at least five years. They're in school or high-school graduates, or have served in the military. They are under 30 and have committed no crimes. More than 1 million people may qualify.

This was the main focus of the Dream Act, stopped in 2010 by the Senate. The major difference is that the President is not creating an amnesty but rather letting these young people stay, study and work in the United States without harassment for periods of two years, which can be renewed. We at Spiro S. Nicolet, Esq. & Jason Sager, Esq.are here to help people find their way and to apply for this relief. The criteria are clearly set out in the memo below and it will be implemented within 60 days.

The President was able to do this through his executive authority and the Office of Homeland Security has issued the following memo: "Secretary Napolitano Announces the Deferred Action Program for Young People Who Are Low Enforcement Priorities"

We will offer free consultations. The application process is not yet in effect but when it is, we will be there to help people with these applications just call 773-562-6884 and leave your name and phone number to schedule an appointment; during business hours staff will be available to immediately set your appointment. We look forward to helping people "live the dream".

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